Stephen teaches regularly on two open programmes at Ashridge Business School:

First class. It has made me want to raise my game

Incredibly helpful


An eye-opening course

Making Strategy Happen runs every March and September click here

Comments from participants

‘First class. It has made me want to raise my game.

‘An incredibly helpful course, which has highlighted a number of challenges for me.

‘Really liked the historical stuff. Thank you, it’s been a really insightful experience.’

‘It has made me a better strategist.

‘An eye-opening course. Everything was delivered with passion and there were great examples given.

‘I have done many programmes over my years in a leadership role, including an MBA. This has been the best investment of my time over those years!

‘Excellent - super examples and anecdotes brought it all alive for me.

‘Excellent presenter! Your insights are worth sharing.



This course has given life to subjects I once condemned as academic. Brilliant!

First class course!

I would recommend it to anyone

One of the best

Strategic Decisions runs every May and November click here

Comments from participants

‘Excellent course - good balance of theory and practice led by excellent trainers

‘Great content, enjoyable format and very practical learnings

‘This course has given life to subjects I once condemned as academic. Brilliant!

‘Good, practical and relevant

‘I really liked it and the content was great

‘First class course

‘Brilliant course!

‘I have genuinely found this course to be outstanding - I would recommend it to anyone

‘One of the best

‘Exceeded my expectations and will immediately impact my approach to business

He also teaches tailored programmes for private clients. All his work is tailored to your specific needs, but some examples of workshops and seminars are:

Workshops can be designed for middle managers and senior executives. They typically combine plenary sessions, break out groups and sometimes make use of video. Exercises typically include the application of tools to the participants’ own business.

  • Strategy and Competitive Advantage - 1 day
  • Making Strategy Happen - 1 day
  • Decision Making and Setting Direction - 1 day
  • Decision on the Somme - 4 hours
  • Twelve O’Clock High - A Study in Leadership - 4 hours

Comments from participants

‘Great cases and great discussions. Stephen is a very effective teacher/facilitator with a style that really engages the audience

‘Stephen was great - a very engaging and effective teacher

‘Loved every bit of it. I now know what strategy is

‘Superb sessions by Stephen

‘This was by far the best session. Stephen was fantastic

‘Beautiful training session. The brains were burning

‘The best trainer during the week

‘Just excellent

‘The best learning and insight over the week

‘Best session ever

‘Eye opening

‘The highlight of the entire course. I had not expected that analysis of military history could yield such insights

‘Do this session with ALL senior management