Stephen is available as a conference speaker who can engage, motivate and indeed inspire audiences.

Stephen Bungay offers an original, profound and thorough approach to strategy
that is as far away from management ‘fads’ as you can possibly get. In his talks,
he draws together conceptual frameworks, common sense and telling examples
convincingly shows the audience how to move from strategy to successful
Stephen’s unusual and pragmatic take on strategy and its execution is explained
by his mastery of military history, coupled with 30 years of business experience
working with great companies. His approach rests on the belief that developing
and executing strategy is a distinction without a difference.

Hence ensuring there is a shared understanding of objectives and an ability to
execute successfully throughout the organisation has become a matter of survival.

Refreshingly European in perspective, with a quiet but efficient authority, Stephen
is a native Brit fluent in German. He offers a very different speaking
style: extremely articulate, his messages are precise and captivating - allowing no
ambiguity and offering significant depth.

Stephen is equally comfortable giving a keynote or a full day workshop. He always
requests a thorough brief from the event owner or organiser with a view to
understanding the event context and the profile of the audience.

The topics of Stephen’s speeches fall into two categories:

‘Excellent speaker’

‘Fantastic speaker’

‘Very charismatic’

‘Very engaging speaker’

Strategy, execution, and leadership - recent speaking topics:

  • Making Strategy Happen
  • The Art of Action
  • From Strategy to Action
  • What Makes Organisations Intelligent?
  • The Anatomy of Inspiration
  • Leadership in Turbulent Times
  • Moltke - Master of Modern Management

Military History – recent speech topics:

  • The Most Dangerous Enemy
  • Command or Control? - Leadership in the Battle of Britain
  • A System For the Few
  • Delusions and Reality - The Role of Intelligence in the Battle of Britain
  • Alamein
  • Monty’s First 100 Days
  • What Makes Generals Intelligent?

Contact Tina Schneidermann at tina@ts-eventservices.com to enquire about Stephen’s availability and how he can contribute to your event.