Stephen Bungay

teaches managers about strategy and leadership and consults to a wide range of organisations which include some of the world’s leading companies. He is a member of the London-based Ashridge Strategic Management Centre.

The foundation of his practice is some 30 years of consulting experience, almost two thirds of which were spent at The Boston Consulting Group, but he has a broad set of interests.

He studied modern languages at Oxford, has a doctorate in philosophy, and is also a respected military historian. What makes him unique is the way in which he brings history and business together.


Military History and Business

Stephen sees military history not so much as a clash between nations or individuals, but as a clash of organisations.

Business is not war, but in the areas of strategy, leadership and organisation, which are Stephen’s core interests, many of the issues facing military and business leaders are the same. In addressing client problems and in teaching executives he draws on his work as a historian to cut through management jargon and offer an engagingly fresh approach.

See: Strategy; Leadership; Organisation